Original Dale’s Seasoning FAQ

Over the years, we’ve gathered some FAQs so we can answer your most frequently asked questions about dale’s seasoning!

Is dale’s used as a condiment, (as is ketchup or mustard), to be poured over beef, chicken, or pork at the table?

dale’s is a marinade. It is used primarily as a cooking sauce before and during cooking.

How long should I marinate the dish to be prepared in dale’s?

For hamburgers or steaks, allow 20-30 minutes; chicken, pork and fish require a shorter amount of marinating time. Venison takes up to 24 hours in the refrigerator overnight to remove the “wild” taste. While preparing vegetables, dale’s can be added during cooking with no marinating time required. Mushrooms can benefit from 30 minutes of marinating in the refrigerator prior to cooking.

How much dale’s should I use when marinating?

dale’s is a unique blend of spices, and the amount used is a matter of personal taste. However, as a general rule, use 1.5 to 2 oz. of dale’s for each pound of beef, pork or chicken.

What is the shelf life of dale¹s Seasoning?

If refrigerated after opening, dale¹s shelf life is at least 12 months.

Is Dale’s Seasoning Gluten free?

Yes. Every ingredient used in making Dale’s Seasoning is 100% Gluten free.

 The label says dale’s is a steak seasoning. Can I use it on other foods that I prepare?

Because dale’s is a versatile product, it is delicious on all meats, poultry, fish, lamb, wild game and vegetables.

 Where was dale’s first made and bottled?

In Birmingham, Alabama, in 1946. You can learn more about our tradition and family history here.

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